Pineview Baptist Church History

The History of Pineview Baptist Church


     Pineview Baptist Church had its beginnings in a series of home prayer meetings that began in the summer of 1953.  These meetings were conducted by the Rev. Marcus Rushing who was the  pastor of Oak Grove Baptist Church.  These meetings led to a permanent prayer meeting each Tuesday night for a period of six years.

     These meetings became so crowded that a large tent was erected where the social hall now sits and revival began on Sunday evening, May 25, 1959.  The Rev. Garnett Rushing was the guest evangelist for this revival.


     On May 29, 1959, a temporary organizational meeting was held to call a pastor and elect officers for the church.  The Rev. Marcus Rushing was elected as the Pastor, Mrs. Lyndal Tatum the Clerk, Carl Bradley the Treasurer, Rufus Thomas the Chairman of the Finance and Planning Committee, and Vandorn Cowart the Song Leader. 


 At this meeting the church was named "Pineview Baptist Church," and the services were to be held on the 1st and 3rd Sunday at 3:30 in the afternoon, with prayer meeting on Tuesday evening.

     On July 21, 1959, a permanent organizational meeting was held with 23 charter members.  The officers were elected to permanent positions, and the services were changed to 1st and 3rd Sunday mornings and evenings.

     After this meeting, the people began building a sanctuary and Sunday School rooms.  The first service was held in this building on October 4, 1959, even though there were not any windows installed in the window openings.  Today this building serves as educational space and the Pastor's study.


     In June of 1961, an annex on the back of the original building was begun.  Today this serves as our preschool and nursery areas.  This building was bricked in January 1967.  The social hall was begun in February 1975.